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Teen Talent USA

The beautiful setting of Lee University played host to the Church of God's International Teen Talent Fest.

 It was with much excitement and anticipation that the Peninsular Region winners in the National Teen Talent Fest of 2014 made their way to Cleveland, Tennessee, USA to represent Africa at the Church of God’s International Teen Talent Fest from the 3-7th August 2015.

Keanu Lackay and Yael Festus, of Bethany Fellowship Church, winners in the Dance Category participated in the Group Pantomime category while Thusia Pienaar of Belmont Worship Tabernacle, participated in the Solo Singing category. 

The beautiful setting of Lee University played host to thousands of youth from different states in the USA. International participants included Canada, Jamaica and Bahamas. 

Meeting the Jamaican Drama Team after their awesome performance in the Group Pantomime category.

Team SA at Lee University sporting their Lee tops.

The Teen Talent Fest program, which includes categories in Art, Bible, Creative Writing, Drama, Music and Multi-Media Competition, is a strong force in challenging youth to reach their full potential and to express themselves constructively for the glory of God. 

Our young people did us proud, delivering flawless performances, and receiving standing ovations from the audience. At the Awards Ceremony, both received superior ratings from the judges. Comments from the judges included “excellent work!”, “awesome!”, “great job!” Their experiences at Teen Talent will be cherished for many years.

We praise God for giving us this opportunity and providing for our trip. Our heartfelt thanks to the individuals and churches who supported our fundraising and contributed financially towards their expenses. A big thanks also to our former Regional Overseer, Pastor Stafford Petersen who facilitated our participation at International Teen Talent.

Judges Comment

Team Africa before performing.

Adjudicator 1:

"Great job! Excellent work! Loved it! Nice performance! Guys that was POWERFUL and TRULY LIFE CHANGING message one of my favorite songs to worship with. Your intense emotions were consistent throughout. Your stop toe movements were synchronized well and you made each movement POP and did it well. The prop was amazing and didnt distract from the piece. I would encourage you to make sure that when you are showing Jesus the word that we the audience can see it as he brushes it away. Keep using your talents for Him!!!"

Adjudicator 2:

"Excellent work! Wow..great dramatics. Awesome ability of actors. Wonderful message and use of props. Wonderful choreography and facial expressions. Message was clear and consistent. Great teamwork. I absolutely loved it. Very powerful for just two in the group. Beautifully done."

Adjudicator 3:

"Awesome!!!! You did an extra ordinary justice to the song. Keep up the great work." 

Yael Festus and Keanu Lackay peforming Victors Crown in the Group Pantomime category at International Teen Talent Fest.

Enjoying our time at the Awards Ceremony.