Throne of Grace Women's Conference 2015

Bethany Fellowship Church hosted their third Throne of Grace Women’s Conference on 11-12 September 2015.  

The Throne of Grace Women's Conference is a 2-day annual event hosted by the Bethany Fellowship Ladies Ministry. The Conference is based on Esther 5:3. This Conference seeks to lay a deeper foundation for each woman to experience and live in the favour of God. This we believe will be achieved through deep ministry which flows from the throne room of God, enabling women to hear the heart of God concerning their well-being, purpose and plan, which God has for them in their daily lives. 

Speakers at Bethany Fellowship Full Gospel Curch of God in Southern Africa's Throne of Grace Women's Conference.

Our dynamic speakers at the Conference from left, Pst Jenny Clayton, Pst Delores Smallberg, Pst Heather Bock and Pst Dominique Adonis.

Theme and Purpose of our 2015 Women's Conference

Our theme this year was “Break the Cocoon and Fly!” based on John 8:36. The theme is based on the imagery of the metamorphoses process of a butterfly. The cocoon phase of the butterfly, is significant of rejection, guilt and shame that often bind the dreams, gifts, talents and potential of women. The pupa phase of the butterfly, is significant of a healing process which God does, in order to set us free of those things that easily entangles us, (Hebrews :12:). The emerging of the butterfly, is God breaking the cocoon that binds their dreams, potential, gifts and talents and releasing women so that they can live out Christ's plans and purposes freely. We pray that every women on the conference was set free to fly with Christ. 


The speakers were Pastors Heather Bock, Delores Smallberg, Jenny Clayton and Dominique Adonis.

For a profile of our speakers, click here.

Pastor Jenny spoke on the topic of "Rejection". Pastor Dominique dealt on "Guilt". Pastor Heather dealt on the topic of "Shame", while Pastor Delores dealt on the topic "Your Authority in Christ".

To listen to the sermons click on the links below:

Pastor Jenny Clayton - Rejection.

Pastor Dominique Adonis - Guilt.

Pastor Heather Bock - Shame.

Pastor Delores Smallberg - Your Authority in Christ.

The ladies were blessed by the anointed preaching of these four inspirational Women of God.  Ruth, and Amanda Plaatjies ministered powerfully in song, while Afrikaans rapper DOEP had the ladies clapping to his inspired rhymes. Keanu and Yael ministered in dance, performing their Teen Talent - winning piece, Victors Crown. 


The ladies were thoroughly blessed by the weekend. Comments from a few of the ladies who attended were:             

"Thank you Pastor Heather Bock, to you and all your speakers, for a wonderful and Blessed Woman's Conference. It certainly was a day filled with many Blessings. Pastor Clayton you are such an angel and you had me in tears with your beautiful testimony. The worship and the dancing was awesome. Last but not least to all your members of your church that worked so hard in arranging everything the Breakfast, Lunch and tea and biscuits. All the beautiful gifts. You guys rock!" - Elmarie

"I had an awesome blessed time guys what a work of excellence. God bless u all." - Liezle

 "I salute you wonderful women of God and thank you (not for a fantastic conference), but for a life-changing event! Mere words cannot express my gratitude! You were fabulously fantastic! Thank you from the bottom of my heart... What a blessing! mwah x".  - Desiree

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