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A Transformed Mind
A Transformed Mind has foresight to see the things of God

Pst. Heather Bock

He Will Return
We have the hope of glory that Jesus will return for us because He said He will.

Pst. Heather Bock

Pruning - A Bitter Sweet Experience
Pruning is a bitter-sweet experience in that it brings stress (by being cut) and deprivation (the things that are cut away), yet this process brings a sweet experience as it brings a contrite heart and broken spirit which God will not despise. Therefore pruning is sweet as it brings us closer to the Lord Jesus Christ

Pst. Heather Bock

Removing Alienating Shame
Shame brings alienation from family, friends and community. God wants to remove us from the bondage of shame which brings alienation.

Pst. Heather Bock

Absent Yet Present
Though Jesus is not physically present with us He is with us by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are not alone because he is with us in every circumstance of our lives

Pst. Heather Bock

Be A Giver - Be An Impactor
God has placed in each of us strengths or gifts we are to use to benefit others, to do for others what they cannot do for themselves. The fear of not measuring up to perfection keeps us from not using the gifts God has given us.

Pst. Heather Bock

Raised To Life
A teaching on Water Baptism. In water baptism we see the work that Christ has done in our spirit. He died, ...we died, He was buried, ...we are buried with Him, He was raised, .... we have a new life in Him, He ascended, ... we are ascended with Him

Pst. Heather Bock

The Gracious Father
Father's Day sermon by Pastor Savage. The Prodigal Son's father was a gracious father and a great father. He faced the crises in his life with graciousness towards his son.


Pst. David Savage

15 June 2014

Rebuild The Walls
Ancient walls were erected for military protection against the enemy, for fellowship of the community, and salvation of the people. We too have a wall around us sealed by the Holy Spirit that protects us from the enemy, maintains our fellowship and worship, both corporately and individually. The wall around us insures our salvation and safety in the Lord.

Psalm 48:4

Pst Heather Bock

22 June 2014

Flesh vs Spirit
We are triune beings, made up of body, soul and spirit. God is Spirit, and so our spirit being communes with God. We have to build up our spirit bodies by prayer, fasting and being in the Word. We need to make sure that our spirit man is in good condition.

Rom. 8:16

Pst Heather Bock

29 July 2014

Are You An Eagle Or A Turkey
How do you see yourself, as an eagle or a turkey? God wants us to live in victory, to hope in Him and to soar like an eagle. How we see ourselves causes us to walk and live either in victory or failure. If we don't see ourselves as eagles we will not live in victory

Pst Heather Bock

July 27 2014

His Exaltation - Our Hope
We have hope because Jesus our Saviour rose from the grave, he ascended into heaven, is seated on the right-hand side of the Father and He will return as Judge.

Pst. Heather Bock

3 Aug. 2014

Chrisna Junius Testimony
A powerful testimony by Chrisna Junius of how she was kidnapped and trafficked by being forced to work as a prostitute. Her story of the promise on her life, her abuse and kidnapping, her recovery and restoration.

John 4:10

Chrisna Junius

10 Aug. 2014

Two Is Stronger Than One
Two is stronger than one.We are made up of body, soul and spirit. If we are sick in our body, we still have the soul and spirit to strengthen us. If we our soul is down we have the body and spirit to strengthen us. And if we are down in spirit we have the body and soul to carry us through.

Eccl. 4:9
Heb. 4:12-13

Pst. Heather Bock

17 Aug. 2014

Dancing Among Wolves
Satan brings various "wolves" into our lives to bring us down. We need to defeat the wolves in our lives so that we can be victorious and God can use us effectively.

2 Cor. 11:16-17
Matth. 10:16

Pst. Heather Bock

24 Aug. 2014

The Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Why is Jesus called the Lion of the Tribe of Judah? Why is He compared to a lion? This sermon compares the attributes of a lion to the attributes of Jesus.

Rev. 5:5
Gen. 49:9
Matth. 28:18

Pst. Heather Bock

31 Aug. 2014

Bruised In Blessing
This sermon compares the journey of Jacob from Beersheba to Jabbok to the believer's journey of intercession. Intercession starts from a place of dissatisfaction and in intercession we get to a place where we wait on the Lord. Sometimes intercession becomes so intense that we wrestle with God for answers. But what the believer can hope for is that we will get to a place of revelation and breakthrough.

Gen. 28:10-22

Pst. Heather Bock

7 Sept.2014

The Blame Game - Scapegoating
There is a sin which we have inherited from our forefather Adam, that of blaming (Gen. 3:12). Blaming is when the guilty person (the blamer) places their unconfessed sin on someone else (the blamee), making that person the scapegoat. The danger of blaming or scapegoating is that it binds both the blamer and blamee, because of this unconfessed sin. Jesus Christ is the Lamb that takes away the sin of the world, and the solution to the Blame Game is confessing our sin and placing it on Jesus. 

Lev. 16:7-10
Gen. 3:12

Pst. Heather Bock

14 Sept. 2014

The Judas Goat - The Strategy Of Satan

The Judas Goat is a goat specifically trained to associate with a flock of sheep or cattle eating and grazing with them while gaining their trust, until one day it will lead the sheep out of the pen to be slaughtered, while its own life is spared. Satan uses the strategy of the Judas Goat appearing as an angel of light, deceiving believers and leading them away from the things of God.

1 John 2:18
Matth. 24:15
Dan. 9:27

Pst. Heather Bock

21 Sept. 2014

Besieged By An Army Of The Enemy
The enemy, Satan has a strategy to rob, steal and destroy in our lives. The enemy lays a siege around us to create a famine in our lives and rob us of the blessings God has for us. In order to break the siege and defeat the demonic forces we need to step out, press in and make prayer our weapon.

2 Kings 6:24-33
2 Kings 7:3-7

Pst. Heather Bock

28 Sept. 2014

Let Everything That Has Breathe Praise The Lord

You have it! You've got it! You're equipped! You are equipped to worship God. God has created us to worship Him, and He has given us the instruments to worship Him. He has given us our bodies, our mouth, our hands and our feet to to worship and give Him glory. 

Isaiah 14:12-20
Ps. 103:1

Pst. Heather Bock

5 Oct. 2014

Something Old - Something New
When we accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, He clothes us with a garment of praise, gladness and beauty. However, when not dealing with our past failures and regrets our garments can become tacky. We can mend our garments by taking responsibility for our actions, by not not making failure our identity and with Christ's help being willing to change ourselves.

Ruth 1:9-22

Pst. Heather Bock

19 Oct. 2014

The Bond Slave

A teaching on baptism. When we are baptized, we declare that we are bond slaves to Christ. We declare that we are sold out to Christ and that He is our master. 

Ex. 21:1-21

Pst. Heather Bock

26 Oct. 2014

Heaven And Earth Collides Through The Power Of The Tongue

God the Father through Jesus wants to bring the reality of God's dominion, Heaven to earth over any and every situation. God seeks a man or woman to stand in the gap, to take accountability for the unconfessed sins of our fathers through confession, repentance and renunciation in the all-powerful Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Ezek. 22:30

Pst. Heather Bock

2 Nov. 2014