Our Mission

Mission Statement: "To assist people to realize their full potential in Christ!"

At Bethany Fellowship, our mission is to create a caring community of faith which:

  • creates a welcoming place of belonging and family.
  • nurtures a true sense of love, caring, and support.
  • manifests the Word of God through our daily lives.
  • develops our understanding and knowledge through studying the Word of Truth.
  • preaches the inspired Word for correction, teaching, rebuking, and training.
  • seeks to create an atmosphere for true worship in the Spirit.
  • equips and empowers believers for ministry and service.
  • creates meaningful and intentional platforms for fellowship.
  • develops and creates spaces for believers to exercise their giftings.
  • transforms lives through acts of loving service.
  • models intentional Godly, and Spirit-filled lives.
  • provides intercessory prayer support for salvation, healing, and restoration.
  • provides material support to the needy.
  • provides counselling support for healing and restoration.
  • are faithful stewards of our people, finances, and resources. 
  • supports the Body of Christ.